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Pharm Counsel AI

Practice your pharmacy counseling skills with an AI that is acting like a patient. The AI will also grade your interaction at the end and you can ask it advice on how to improve your skills.

Gene Counsel AI

Practice your pharmacogenetics counseling skills with an AI that is acting as a patient. The AI will also grade your interaction at the end and you can ask it advice on how to improve your skills.


Practice creating pharmacy SOAP notes with an AI. The AI will create a simulated patient for you. You can then create your SOAP note for the patient and submit and the AI will grade it for you with feedback.

Geriatrics Sim AI

Enhance your geriatrics pharmacy counseling skills through interactive sessions with an AI, simulating a geriatrics patient. Upon completion, the AI will grade your interaction and provide constructive feedback. Leverage this opportunity to seek advice on improving your  geriatrics medication counseling proficiency.

Med Rec Sim AI

Hone your medication reconciliation counseling skills through our groundbreaking medication reconciliation simulation AI, acting as your patient. The AI not only evaluates your interactions but also offers personalized advice on enhancing your medication reconciliation counseling abilities.

Cardio Sim AI

This module that is currently under development will work as your study buddy and your own personal tutor as you navigate your way through your cardiology therapy module.

Vaccine Recommender

Practice your skills in recommending the correct vaccination regime for your patients. This application will help you select the correct immunizations to be provided to your patients based on CDC guidelines. 

ImmuneLearn AI Demo

Try out an early prototype of an AI guiding students through a team based learning activity  exercise in immunology. This exercise was created in collaboration with CNUCOP for their immunology therapy module

Frequently Answered Questions

PharmTutor AI is a cutting-edge technological solution designed to revolutionize the learning experience for PharmD candidate students. Harnessing the power of GPT-4, the advanced AI developed by OpenAI, this application serves as an interactive study partner, capable of delivering comprehensive knowledge across a range of pharmaceutical subjects. It is purpose-built to aid in the understanding and retention of complex concepts, facilitate extensive subject exploration, and help students excel in their academic endeavors. 

One of the critical features of PharmTutor AI is its functionality to provide practice for SOAP note skills and pharmacy counseling. The ability to deliver effective patient care relies heavily on these critical communication skills. PharmTutor AI emulates realistic scenarios, enabling students to engage in dynamic dialogues, refine their SOAP note drafting skills, and master patient counseling techniques. The aim is to equip future pharmacists with the confidence and competence required to excel in the professional world, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

PharmTutor AI leverages GPT-4, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, to provide a highly interactive and dynamic learning environment. This AI-powered application works through a comprehensive and sophisticated process, learning from vast volumes of data and responding intelligently to the user's input.

Upon receiving a query from a student, GPT-4 deciphers it, drawing upon its training from countless texts, which includes a myriad of pharmaceutical and healthcare information. In real-time, the AI generates a response that addresses the question or initiates an engaging dialogue. This interactive process allows for extensive exploration of pharmaceutical concepts and provides a platform for in-depth discussion and learning.

When practicing SOAP note skills and pharmacy counseling, the AI simulates a realistic patient-provider scenario. It can take on the role of a patient presenting symptoms or a pharmacist providing consultation. In response to the student's notes or counseling methods, the AI provides feedback and suggestions, facilitating iterative learning and improvement. GPT-4's capacity to generate human-like text makes these interactions natural and effective, promoting the development of essential communication skills.

Through all these processes, PharmTutor AI maintains a learner-centric approach, making complex pharmaceutical education more accessible and enjoyable. The application is available 24/7, providing an unrivaled flexibility that caters to every student's unique learning rhythm and schedule.

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